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How much does a private investigator cost?

Don't look for cheap private invetigators because you will only find pirates

The short answer is that it is not an economical service but it is not an expensive price either.

The truth is that if you find a cheap private investigator advertising for hours, be suspicious and (at least) ask to show your official license. In this case, it is very likely that he has encountered a lifeguard, who also makes a move, makes him a driver or repairs the kitchen faucet. If you end up paying that pirate, you will run out of money, investigation and report.

Take a test Googlee that detective's phone number. Surely you will find that same phone in ads for "Ford Fiesta for sale," "rent room" or "clean your apartment for free." You are notified.

We are not going to get into business logistics and taxes. This issue affects to a greater or lesser extent all liberal professionals. It is an endemic evil of our society that we will not fix here and now.

Nor are we going to value the benefit it will derive from the detective's work. Because with the proper tests you can do with the custody of the children, with the use of the house, with not having to pay an unfair dismissal ... In our office we establish the price of our services based on the work done, not for the possible benefit you get with it.

When they try to haggle our fees we always set the same example. How much does your housekeeper pay per hour? 8, 10,  12 $/hour? And you probably don't pay VAT or the like. There ... in black.

The next question is how many hours do you want the person we should investigate to follow?

  • Let's give an example. A case of infidelity: The infidel leaves home to work. He will spend ten hours outside and that is when our client suspects infidelity.
  • Follow-ups are not usually done on foot. They hire us when no one else can help you. So at best he works in a factory or in an office. In the worst case it is commercial or taxi driver and is in the car all day.
  • Are we going to discover infidelity in a day? If it's a sexual obsessed, maybe. If it is a father or mother, he will be careful to space romantic contacts. A divorce is very expensive and nobody wants to be discovered.

Let's say the follow-up needs 10 days. And every day 10 hours. At an average price of what you pay to your assistant (without VAT) are $1000.

But unlike less qualified and less paid work by our society, the detective must pay for fuel, business infrastructure, taxes and other collaborating detectives (because 10 hours of intensive surveillance in a row is not endured by anyone).

Remember that you will receive what you pay. If you pay $800 for an investigation, at best you will receive a few hours of work, an inefficient report and many excuses. What did i expect?

  • Deep down, before I paid him I already knew. It's those people we call "capital ready." Normally they have grown in large cities, in a highly competitive environment and have failed to stand out in anything. Where one's name is worth nothing because you just have to change neighborhood. Try to follow that strategy in populations such as Berga, Tarragona or Blanes. You will be the "traps" of the place until you die.
  • His way of acting is unmistakable. They decorate all their phrases with a smile trying to give confidence but with something disturbing in their eyes. Grandiloquents, gesticulators and especially taxatives. They remind a lot of those car dealers in the movies. Big watches, expensive mobiles ... ostentation, falsehood, feigned empathy and sometimes threatening.
  • When they are known, a certain internal alarm assails you, but since you are in an unexplored area (such as private investigation), you are blamed for being a private detective and a little ghost.

Private detectives are professionals with a university degree, official qualification, members, with professional liability insurance and professional prestige to keep before courts and lawyers (because tomorrow they will not be making removals, because tomorrow they will continue carrying out their investigations).

How much does a private investigator cost? I would ask myself another question: Do I want to discover the truth or do I want to throw money? There is a market for both answers. It is his decision.

If you want to discover the truth, count on us. It is not an economical service but we guarantee that it is not an expensive price either.

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