• Investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and all of Catalonia

    Private investigation agency specialized in civil, labor and family matters, with emergency service and 24 hours reply. Office of private detectives with official MMDCII license.


    The services of our detectives are executed according to the principles of reasonableness, necessity, suitability and proportionality, being our reports fully valid in any judicial proceeding .


    The intervention of a private investigator will allow you to clarify suspicions, defend interests, provide evidence in a trial and protect your assets or your emotional stability.

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    Private investigators - Efficacy and economy

    Choosing the right private research company can mean the difference between success and failure. Do not look for cheap detectives, look for effective detectives.


    It is not necessary to waste time in the personal search for answers that are difficult to find, hire professional services and the experience of expert investigative detectives.

    Private investigators - Technical research

    We offer a wide range of research services to meet your personal and business needs.


    Missing persons, infidelities , separations, control of minors, addictions, sub-lettings, false pretenses, thefts, mysterious client, prevention of occupational hazards, open-source intelligence, network analysis, hotels, gaming sector and casinos.

    Private investigators - Certified service

    Our investigations suppose a complete service, certified, with license and specialized in surveillance and monitoring.


    Depending on your needs, we design a line of research which we will adapt to the situations we encounter while the case remains open.

  • AGENCIA.CAT Detectives privados

    Private investigators: Prices and distances

    Our area of ​​basic action is established in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. For this reason, We are able to carry out its research work and private investigators in any region or municipality.


    We bring private research to any individual or company and reduce costs: Under this premise, we eliminate the distances between the client and the goal with the possibility of hiring from your municipality the professional who will be responsible for their needs and direct the service where necessary.


    How much a private investigator costs in Barcelona (or in another town) will depend on the knowledge that the professional has of the city. Economy is hiring personnel who know the place, detectives who do not waste their resources on diets and mileage. Economy is to work with the most effective service.

  • Detectives in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Private investigators near you

    Detectives in Barcelona.

    Barcelona private investigators

    Customer service centers: Barcelona and Vilanova


    The value of truth is the time it takes a private detective to discover and prove the discovered. The value of the truth is the investment in time and money. The way to reduce this investment is to have professionals accustomed to the environment.


    Barcelona is the natural habitat of the private detective.

    Due to the number of population of the province, most of our actions are carried out in Barcelona, ​​which is why the most active area of ​​action and customer service center is established .


    All our agents have developed their professional career in Barcelona, ​​being knowledgeable about the specific techniques for carrying out research in the metropolitan area and having the appropriate means (backed by experience).

    Detectives in Tarragona and Reus.

    Tarragona private investigators

    Customer service center: Tortosa

    Headquarter: Tarragona


    The difference between an appropriate researcher and another that is not resides in the acclimatization of the professional to the circumstances. That is thanks to the experience and the integration with the territory.


    We born between the cities of Tarragona and Reus , establishing headquarters in Tarragona .


    Our deep knowledge of the land extends to the entire province: Salou , Cambrils , El Vendrell and Valls . Special mention of Terres de l'Ebre ( Tortosa , Amposta , Gandesa...) where we operate from the beginning of the proceedings.


    What can someone who has not lived or worked in the province know about the place? Private investigators with years of experience guarantee the presence of our firm in Tarragona and all of its municipalities.

    Detectives in Lleida.

    Lleida private investigators

    Customer service center: Tàrrega


    From Vielha to La Seu d'Urgell and from there to Juncosa , Tàrrega or wherever necessary. There are no limits and we guarantee that you will not find any inconvenient to hire a competitive private investigation service in any location in the province of Lleida .


    What differentiates our office? Mobility. Our customer service center in Tàrrega and our ability to react allow us to directly assist you and investigate where necessary.


    Where techniques, methodology and strategies have been outdated by the passage of time, our offer ceases to be the alternative.


    We are not the alternative in Lleida. We are the competitive decision.

    Detectives in Girona.

    Girona private investigators

    Customer service center: Lloret de Mar


    We developed an expansion plan that in less than a decade has placed our firm as a benchmark for research and private security.


    Thanks to permanent professional and personal commitments (related to the gaming sector and private security) we established our first customer service center in Lloret de Mar , with an area of ​​action in Girona.


    Such is the point of identification of our office with the territory that our first case was in Blanes.


    Since then, our office of private detectives has maintained a constant working relationship throughout the province of Girona and especially on the coast, with business and family issues.

  • AGENCIA.CAT Detectives privados

    Express PRIVATE DETECTIVE service (Prize 350€)

    Verification and test service up to 5 hours: If you already know what is happening, where, at what time and who participates or if it is happening at a certain moment in an unexpected way and you need a means of proof to certify the situation, you can hire our iExpress service .


    Make the most of the service data (who, when and where). If the information you have given us is correct, in 48 hours we will carry out the task entrusted and we will provide you with a report of our performance, which we will ratify in the act of judgment, if necessary.

  • First steps when hiring private investigators

    What you should know when going to a detective office

    When should you visit the private detective?. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    When should you visit the private detective?

    Time plays against the investigator


    As soon as possible .


    Between the first suspicion and the unbearable doubt, opportunities to collect evidence will be lost.


    Hiring a private detective is a very thoughtful act and usually, when the client decides to make the first visit to an agency, a very important time has passed and the suspects have perfected their behavior.


    For that reason, it is our agency's commitment to respond to budget requests within 24 hours.


    Even in the services included in the iExprés program , the reaction time of the detectives to initiate an investigation is established with the same term.

    The report of the private detective. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    The report of the private detective

    Confidential and with judicial utility


    Once the investigation is finished, we carry out the writing of the report that we will complete with the images or videos collected during the monitoring and follow-up.


    This report will have a confidential nature and two objectives.


    The first objective is to help in the decision making of our client. That is, to know the truth of what is happening in your family, work, business... and be able to act accordingly.


    The second objective of the report is the presentation as evidence in a judicial proceeding.


    In case it is required, our private detectives will appear in court to confirm the veracity of our reports and explain the details of the investigation.

    Personal and preferential service. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Personal and preferential service

    The relationship with his detective


    The first thing we do when we are hired by a client is to open a file. The second is to assign a private detective with whom you will have direct and continuous communication .


    Due to the nature of certain cases, it is not advisable for the client to have constant knowledge of the results of the investigation. This is due to the mood of said client.


    We must bear in mind that a change of attitude of our client (in relation to the researched) can cause the detective to be identified and the possibilities of finding the required information disappear.


    In any case, the agency provides our customers with an urgent care telephone number, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • AGENCIA.CAT Detectives privados


    The office commitment towards the effective obtaining of the information requested, has led our management team to develop a research method focused on the analysis of the time schedule of the people who are the object of our research.


    The previous collection of data begins at the same moment that a client requests our services. Details that seem to lose importance with the passage of time or that even the client did not remember, can be of vital importance for a quick resolution and cost reduction.


    Whether in field investigations (checking if a parent who does not pay the pension, works unquotes, frequents the casino ...) or related to digital environments (breach of network security and databases) we find that each investigation has its particularities, but there is always a constant: The routines .


    Routines that create an area of ​​security that allows the researched act with impunity and occur the facts that negatively affect our customers (infidelities, fraudulent medical losses, insurance fraud ...). They can be routines of the researched, the client, an interested third party or even someone completely oblivious to what happens.

  • How private detectives work

    IT techniques, monitoring, surveillance and proofs

    Computer analysis. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Computer analysis

    Digital trail and social networks


    One of the main points of interest of the firm is the tracking and investigation of the electronic fingerprint that we leave continuously.


    People communicate on a daily basis through social networks. And where there is communication, there is a possibility of fraud, illicit transfer of business information.


    In many occasions the information that our clients need, they are in their desktop computer or in their servers. But it is essential not to modify the files in the investigation process.


    The services that we usually perform for people (and especially for companies) are security event audits, server inspection, copy of forensic evidence and analysis and correlation of information.

    Field investigations. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Field investigations

    Detective on the scene


    It can be for conjugal reasons (such as infidelity), relatives (possibility of a child consuming drugs), work (a fraudulent low) or business (unfair competition).


    But the truth is that if you value hiring our services, it is because you need to know what the people around you do.


    The work of private detectives starts on the street. With the information collected in monitoring and follow-ups, we elaborated a pattern of behavior of the people investigated: With whom they are related, the routines they carry out, the needs they have...


    Of course, if you need to hire a professional to do an investigation... Will not it be a smart option to have someone who knows the area?


    The agency guarantees a local team and constant attention.

    Records, recordings and proofs. Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Records, recordings and proofs

    How we document the evidence


    Private professional research is a task that requires a high level of specialization and appropriate tools.


    We make available, from each of the contracted investigations, a series of resources that will allow our detectives to carry out the commission entrusted.


    The main objective is to present our clients with images (or documentation) that confirm or deny their suspicions and for this purpose, we use camouflaged vehicles , hidden cameras, long-range cameras...


    At the end of the investigation, our clients obtain the requested information with sufficient documentary support so that they can adopt the measures they consider appropriate.

  • Detective agency


    Detectives for companies and corporations

  • Barcelona private detectives | Tarragona private detectives | Lleida private detectives | Girona private detectives

     Detectives for companies and public administrations

    Private investigation for organizations


    Private detectives service specialized in corporate compliance and corporate intelligence for companies, institutions and public administrations with investigatiors and audits of national and international scope.


    When information is available to everyone, it is irrelevant. The real information is not on the Internet, but in knowing what people do in the real world, with whom they relate, what schedules they do, how they move, where they live, what their routines are... and above all, why they take the decisions they make.

    For the present service of private detectives for companies we establish basic area of action in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.

     Detectives for companies and public administrations

    Real information is not on internet


    As leaders in family security and research for companies, we are committed in terms of excellence in service and added value. Our clients have direct access at all times to the detectives responsible for their cases, who bring all their experience and knowledge to discover the nature of the facts and get sufficient legal tools.


    Thanks to the corporative commitment, every client has at their disposal a private-adviser detective, with urgent attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The office of private detectives has the right structure and size to provide our services to the most demanding people and institutions and the most complex inquiries of any sector and dimension.

     Detectives for companies and public administrations

    Direct attention of the detective


    We could present you with a long list of services with the sole purpose of demonstrating our operational capacity. But the capacity without effectiveness, becomes bureaucracy. So... What can we do for you? In many cases, proximity to the researcher prevents our clients from determining the most appropriate way to act due to lack of perspective.

    We assume the obligation to provide information necessary for decision making. Evidence that will be reflected in reports and we will defend before the Courts of Justice and any other forum.


    We offer a professional solution under the principles of seriousness in the establishment of objectives, total dedication of professionals and teams, and rigor in the method.

  • Detectives and  corparate compliance


    Internal investigations within the scope of criminal liability of companies

  • Barcelona private detective | Tarragona private detective | Lleida private detective | Girona private detective

    Detectives and corparate compliance

    Compliance as a detection and prevention system


    With the reform of the Criminal Code, the criminal liability of juridical persons is incorporated into the legal system. The integration of corporate compliance may act as an exoneration or mitigation as the case may be.


    There are two types of criminal behaviors by which a society can be responsible: Crimes committed by people with power of representation in the name or on behalf of the company and for their benefit and offenses committed by workers , in the exercise of social activities and for account and for the benefit of the company, when they have not exercised due control over them.


    For this reason, to avoid that the company is judged for criminal charges, it must carry out a strict control that requires to have committed by the company a system of detection and prevention of criminal behavior in the bosom of the business.

    Detectives and corparate compliance

    Compliance regulatory framework


    The legal entity will be responsible even if the natural person has not been identified , it has not been possible to direct the proceedings against her, she has died or she has withdrawn from the action of justice.

    • The aggravating or attenuating of application to the individual, will not exclude or modify the criminal liability of legal persons.
    • In case of committing a crime, both the legal person and the individual will be criminally liable.

    When the company needs the intervention of a third party to investigate and make as many inquiries as are necessary to obtain and provide information and evidence on conduct or private facts within the Corporate Compliance program , you can only hire the services of private detectives.

    Detectives and corparate compliance

    Mitigating the criminal liability of companies


    The Criminal Code lists a closed list of extenuating circumstances of the criminal liability of legal persons once the crime has been committed, these being:

    • Having confessed the infraction to the authorities.
    • To have collaborated in the investigation of the fact by providing evidence that was new and decisive to clarify the criminal responsibilities arising from the events.
    • Have repaired or decreased the damage caused by the crime.
    • Having established, before the commencement of oral proceedings, effective measures to prevent and discover crimes that might be committed in the future with the media or under the coverage of the legal entity.
    Detectives and corparate compliance

    Exclusive competence of private investigators


    Law 5/2014 of Private Security provides in art. 37 that " private detectives will be responsible for the personal execution of the private investigation services referred to in Article 48, by conducting inquiries, in relation to individuals, facts and private conduct."

    In his art. 48.1 provides that "private investigative services, conducted by private detectives, shall consist of carrying out the investigations that are necessary to obtain and provide, on behalf of legitimated third parties, information and evidenceon conduct or private facts related to the following aspects: a) those related to the economic, labor, commercial, financial ... "

  • international audits and corporate intelligence


    Exclusive service for companies and corporations

  • International detective

    Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Strategic audit and human resources


    We all operate on a global stage and we have to protect our interests. There are many cases in which managers and employees play with distance and borders to disregard their obligations or violate the rights of their contractors.


    As a corporate intelligence service for companies (with official license) we offer all the contractual and procedural guarantees to carry out any audit throughout the Caribbean.


    In addition, it is essential that all rights and guarantees that assist the researcher have been respected, given the possibility of annulment of the evidence obtained.

    Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Judicial ratification in Spain


    But if you need the services of a private security agency abroad, will you trust an office located at 7,500 km?

    Corporate intelligence is born to cover two needs: Discover the truth and provide evidence. To be able to discover the truth it is necessary to be in the place of the facts, firsthand and knowing the terrain.

    At the time of presenting the evidence, the agency guarantees that the professional will testify at the trial of the place of origin and will ratify the report. Spanish detectives are the most prepared private research professionals. In order to obtain a license, they must complete a three-year university degree.

    Private investigators in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona

    Proportionality, suitability and necessity


    We operate in Cuba and the Caribbean (in a collegial way), with knowledge on the ground, within the corporate framework of our clients and oriented towards the achievement of results in the Spanish justice system.

    To face any adverse situation it is not enough for you to believe that you are right, it is necessary to prove it:

    • On the one hand we provide reliability to the evidence provided, through transparency in the means used in the investigation.

    • On the other hand, we identify and anticipate possible risks to help the corporate integrity of our clients.

    ... And all our detectives are accredited by the Ministerio del Interior of Spain.

  • Detectives › Heir search

    GENECTIVES: Inheritances & heirs

    Genealogical research and genetic identification

  • Barcelona detective | Tarragona detective | Lleida detective | Girona detective

    Detectives › Heir search

    Search for heirs


    Our job is to locate the heirs, inform them of the existence of an inheritance that can benefit and the processing of the inheritance. The expert genealogists use three tools to achieve our goals: Public records, family tree and genetic identification.


    Thanks to our collaboration, we will efficiently and efficiently solve any problem arising from the death of the owner (and the lack of a designated heir), in relation to real estate property: Property delinquency, impossibility of a sale due to property debts and occupation of the property.


    As a strategic partner of estate and inheritance managers, we offer affordable, innovative solutions with quality and viability, which provide our added and exclusive value.

    Detectives › Heir search

    Probate genealogy


    We are the leading spanish firm in inheritance genealogy specialist in the search for heirs with the right to an inheritance. Our paradigm is to protect the interests of those called to inherit to receive the goods that correspond to them by law.


    Before a death without a will, the need to know of the existence of possible heirs and unknown legatees is created. Our service locates and accompanies these heirs throughout the process of liquidation of the inheritance and it is confined to the area of ​​genealogical and genetic study.


    We offer our services to lawyers, notaries, property managers and Public Administrations with legal, procedural and administrative guarantees to ensure total transparency in our work. With this objective, we establish a work method and an action protocol when we consult files, files and public records.

    Detectives › Heir search

    Genealogy and genetics


    Our genealogical works are developed through an external work to the office that is through sources and public records with which we will track the location of the heir sought.


    Because the genealogical cabinet is part of the private detectives office, we also offer the latest DNA profiling techniques through the analysis of 16 or 23 autosomal STR markers (Short Tandem Repetitions). The genetic samples will be taken from saliva, blood, hair with root, semen, nails...


    The rigorous taking of the participants of the aforementioned samples, their transportation and custody will allow our experts to ensure their origin, being able to ratify the reports in court, with full legal validity.

    Detectives › Heir search

    Heritage that creates debts


    Farms without well-known heirs, whose owners died without making a will, accumulate debts in the neighboring communities and due to the lack of conservation, can generate a long list of problems on the farm. The genealogists will take care of elaborating the genealogical tree in order to determine who are the people called to claim the inheritance.

    We specialize in the processing of inheritances without heirs in which it is necessary to inform the corresponding Public Administration of the existence of an uninterested inheritance that can claim.


    During the probate trial, it is necessary to have all the heirs to be able to accept the inheritance. When the whereabouts of one of them is unknown, the process is delayed and prevents the acceptance and adjudication of the same.

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